We believe our current and former study participants are the best to tell you about our research studies, our team and our program. Read their stories and learn more about us!

Mom of a 5 yr old and 12 mo old participant:

“The visits seem to go very quickly and the staff is so excellent about listening to the parents.  When we come in, the staff talks us through the initial plan for the day, then as the day is progressing, they are constantly talking with me to see if we need to make adjustments. They are so great at listening to us to decide if the kids can continue through or if they need a nap or just play time. My son’s favorite part seems to be playing in the huge playroom! ”

Mom of a 2yr old participant:

“I have really enjoyed having my daughter participate in the study. The biggest benefit was that it helped out financially with providing my daughter with formula.  Another benefit includes all the assessments; I liked the idea of knowing that this is another way for my daughter to be monitored.  I have always taken her to her well baby check-ups but the study would reinforce what my pediatrician was telling me.  For a first time mom, that was comforting. The staff is also very patient and understanding. They would always put mine and my child’s needs first. ”

GLOWING Mom participant:

“The whole visit was fantastic. I continue to be impressed with the quality of personnel
and their great attitudes”.

GLOWING Mom participant:

“It was a great experience. I’m glad I got to take part. The staff made it fun by being so
down to earth. I appreciate that.”


Fun stories moms wanted to share with the research team:

“The Beginnings Study would routinely send presents or cards to us, which was a nice gesture to maintain contact and to remind us we are involved in the Study. When my son was around 3-years old, he received a gift box. I don’t remember what the gift was, but I do remember the packing material… blue and white strips of crinkle paper… LOTS of them. After my son opened his gift, I left the room only to return to see that he and his younger sister had crinkle strips all over the room. He was jumping around, acting goofy, and throwing these strips everywhere. His sister was sitting in the middle of the room giggling at him and playing in the mess all around her. They especially loved the packing material and asked to get it out for several days after we received it. I just rolled my eyes and said, ‘Thanks, Beginnings Study, for thinking of us!’ ”.

“I LOVE the brain lab! I have tried to take a picture of my daughter at every visit!  She looks so funny!  You should have video cameras recording the grown women (me and the research assistant) doing the silliest things to keep my daughter happy, calm, relaxed but not too relaxed because we didn’t want her to fall asleep!”