fMRI Brain Power is a nutrition research study designed to better understand how the diet of children as infants affects their current brain function. Participants in the fMRI Brain Power Study are healthy children, ages 7 ½ through 8 ½, who were fed mostly breast milk, milk-based formula or soy-based formula from birth through 12 months. We are planning to enroll a total of 100 kids to complete our study.

We ask each participant to attend 3 study visits at Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center. To thank our volunteer participants for their time commitment and dedication, we compensate them at every visit.

Visit 1: The first visit will last about 2 hours and will help us verify that your child can be enrolled in the other two study visits. We will measure your child’s growth, vision, hearing and IQ. We will also ask you questions about your child’s sleeping habits. You will receive $25 for completing this study visit.

Visit 2: The second visit will last about 2 hours and will be conducted at the Department of Radiology of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. We will perform an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) while your child watches a video or reads words on a screen. The fMRI makes images of your child’s brain. You will receive $50 for completing this study visit.

Visit 3: The third visit will last about 4 to 6 hours. We will measure your child’s brain function and perform some psychological tests. You will receive $50 for completing this study visit.

It is important for our researchers to obtain a full data set on your child at every study visit so that they can completely answer their questions. To thank you for completing the full study before your child turns 8½ years, we will compensate you with an additional $175 at the last visit.

To qualify for fMRI Brain Power, your child should be healthy and have been fed mostly breast-milk, milk-based formula or soy-based formula until 12 months of age. To find out if you qualify for our fMRI Brain Power Study, you can call or email us. We have strict entry criteria for our studies, so don’t be discouraged if you do not qualify for one of our studies. Most likely, there will be other studies soon that you may be able to participate in!

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Brain Power is a research study conducted by Jeffrey Snow, Ph.D. which has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of the University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences.