The Brain Development/Function Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility designed to study central nervous system development, information processing, physiological functions and performance of infants and children.  An important feature of this research is the focus on the role of nutritional status and dietary factors in brain development.  This laboratory is providing important and novel baseline neuropsycophysiologic data on development of the human brain that will help shape the future of early childhood development.

The Brain Development/Function Laboratory uses non-invasive measures of neuroelectrical activity in children linked with standardized psychological assessments to better define how early diet, specific dietary factors, physical activity and body composition impact brain development and function.  The lab works closely with the ACNC Psychology and Nutrition Units to relate measures of body and brain activities to nutrition and cognitive processes (such as attention, language development and thinking processes). 

This research unit is equipped with high density EEG/ERP capability using 128 channel systems by Electrical Geodesics, Inc. and Neuroscan Compumedics USA, Inc. and state of the art imaging equipment (Philips 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner).  The lab is staffed with a highly professional team that permits the study of information processing from birth through adulthood. 

See our Brain Function Laboratory brochure.