The Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center is fully equipped with a living facility to conduct overnight studies.  The space includes a living center with 6 satellite bedrooms. Each private bedroom is equipped with a full bathroom, all medical outlets, 2 beds, a crib and a TV. The large common area features a big-screen television with video games and DVD capabilities. The living facility also includes a toddler play room, a dining room and meal preparation room. A nurse station located at the heart of our living facility facilitates communication between participants and the study team.

The living facility is used for studies that require an overnight stay to establish a solid baseline for the participant, such that they have a well-balanced dinner, a quiet night’s sleep and balanced breakfast before a period of study.  This is important in conducting some research studies when monitoring participants is necessary. The live-in facility permits our study team to monitor participants’ sleeping, eating or behavior patterns, as well as the participants’ reaction to new procedures or dietary supplements.