The Psychology Laboratory uses standardized psychological assessments to address numerous aspects of child development, memory, intelligence and behavior which include: language development, visual-spatial processing, visual-motor integration, motor development, executive functions, memory, temperament, personality, and mood. These standardized techniques elicit a broad spectrum of responses and observable behaviors from infants, children and adults, using a combination of over forty neuropsychological and behavioral assessments tailored to particular areas of emphasis to answer specific questions.

The Psychology Laboratory is composed of trained Licensed Psychological Examiners who objectively assess participants and/or participants’ parents under the direction of child psychologists. Other assessments can be completed by participants to gain their perceptions and insight through self-report.  Assessments can also be completed by caregivers to obtain information about their children’s behavior and emotions in different environments.

The Psychology Laboratory can provide support to study participants in specific studies where compliance to the study procedures or homogeneity across our study groups is of importance. Support can be provided through individual or group counseling sessions.

The Psychology Laboratory serves as a complement to the Brain Development/Function Laboratory and Body Composition Laboratory in the investigation of the effect of dietary intake, physical activity and body composition on development.